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이미지 제공: Markus Spiske

Gear datasets


This dataset was obtained from the gearbox testbed made. The encoder signals are acquired from the testbed.

  • Sampling frequency: 10kHz

  • Fault mode: 10 normal, 10 spall, 11 crack​


This dataset was obtained from 3 blades upwind V90 wind generator, which produces an output of 3MW.

  • Sampling frequency: 97,656Hz

  • Shaft frequency: 30Hz

  • Fault mode: 6 normal, 11 fault

  • Gear mesh frequency: 960Hz

This dataset was originally downloaded at, which was developed by Dr. Eric Bechhoefer, but unavailable now. Dr. Bechhoefer gave us permission to distribute the dataset at our site, which is greatly appreciated.

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